Drone Photography

Attracting Buyer Attention

Team Arthurs can help you differentiate your property listing.  Let us be your Realtor in Birmingham metro.  Part of the marketing plan used for selling your home can include drone pictures and/or videos to be displayed on print and online marketing materials.  Drone images attract buyer attention and the stunning views created by them will help you sell your home fast.

One of the best things about using drone imagery for your marketing plan is that you can offer sweeping views of the landscape, street views, and other selling points like a large fenced yard or a pool.  Below you will find a few examples of drone images our team has taken.


Advanced Data Analytics for Market Research

Using Microsoft Power BI for analyzing MLS data for real estate market research.

Business Intelligence Analytics

Team Arthurs strives to help you list your house at the highest possible price the market will allow while still being competitive.  We utilize advanced data analysis techniques when performing market research.

The image presented in this section is an example of a report we use to determine average selling prices in a neighborhood.  While this graphic only shows us the average by number of bedrooms, we can easily with the click of a few buttons slice down and drill through the underlying data (which comes from the MLS) until we have the same attributes as the house you want to list with us.